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We own and operate more than 100 stores in places with high traffic as Airports, Touristic Venues, Malls, Shopping Centers, Stadiums, Arenas, Amusement Parks, Down Towns, Piers and more.

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Why owning a Tequesitos Store or Franchise is a great option?

Tequesitos is a very convenient product, it’s margin make it a profitable product for the concessionaires and we offer a packaged solution:

Zero Prep

There is no food preparation for the concessionaire.


It is delivered ready to cook or warm.

Multiple Preparations

It is quickly cooked or warmed on an air fryer, oven or regular fryer.

Long Display Time

It can be maintained on our display warmer for high sales rush hours.

Reciclable Cones

Conveniently served in our cones (made with recyclable paper).

One handed

Serving cones with dipping sauce compartment.
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